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When I left Accounting to start writing I had to face the ever-biting question of “But what do you do for a living?” or “You don’t have a real job?” With the only skill I had being creative writing in fiction and poetry I had to find a way to use that as something to do for a living. I figured that all brands have a story to tell and not everyone has the right skills or time to tell that story in a way that translates into money or a good business image. There was my opportunity; to be the conduit between a business’s or a client’s vision, purpose and mission, and its presentation to its consumers.

I started putting my storytelling skills to use working as a copywriter for an accommodations company called UbuntuStay, making it as team leader in the first two months. I then moved to an events and music company, Blue Pixel Multimedia, where my job was mainly generating content for their blog and managing their social media. I left to work as a freelancer and Blue Pixel Multimedia still referred clients in need of writing skills to me.

I am currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing with UNISA and I work full-time as a freelance creative writer, specializing in blogging, article writing, proofreading and editing. I also continue to write fiction and poetry on my blog and send my work to different literary publications.

If you need me to tell your story by building content for your website, write SEO-rich articles, contribute to your blog, or provide proofreading and editing services, contact me and I will be happy to deliver.

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Freelance Writer


Our thoughts aren’t exactly organised and it is often best to have someone with the right skills to collect all those jumbled ideas and arrange them in the most comprehensible order.


Ever since humanity shifted from relying on oral communication to written communication, the written word has remained valuable and reliable. Let’s face it, everyone needs a writer. A well written document is a representative of your business and of you. You judge the source of a document by the document’s quality, authenticity and the value it creates. “Will I be able to convince a client with it?” “Will it convince an investor?” “Will it entertain someone?” “Will it inform or educate?” We want to be able to give a confident ‘YES’ to all these questions but sitting down and laying word after word can be a mountain to many. Not everyone has the time or the ability to construct sentences in an effective way and not every business can afford to employ a full-time writer.

Here’s why you should get a freelance writer to do the job for you:

  1. You save money

Instead of having a permanent employee on payroll you only pay whenever you need the job done and you can always find rates that won’t strain your pocket. Freelance writing platforms have a large menu of different writers with different ranges of rates, you have the freedom to choose what makes financial sense to you without having to compromise the quality of your required project.

  1. An outsider brings a fresh perspective

When I worked as a copywriter for an accommodations company I had to produce similar articles every day, and because of the standard and form we used, most of the articles started sounding the same. Having the ability to hire an outsider brings in a fresh take and you minimise the risk of having repetition of ideas and loss of colour in your written projects.

  1. You’re spoilt for choice

The Internet has made it incredibly easy to gain access to highly skilled freelance writers. In fact, there are so many choices that the burden is on the writers to fight tooth and nail for projects. The competition is high and all you need to do is put the job out and before you know it there will be a flood of proposals coming your way.

  1. Generating income on a per-project basis works to your advantage

Freelance writers don’t have a boss to answer to and they can work anytime they want and take on any load of work they wish. However, bills need to be paid and the independence comes with a price. The best freelance writers are disciplined, they know they have to deliver on time and deliver quality, and write according to your specifications and needs. Without this discipline and commitment, they lose and you can always get another writer without losing on time.

  1. You have more time for other important things

Freelancers take the burden off your hands and instead of dedicating time to planning your writing, researching and all the hard work that comes with writing a project, someone else does it for you. You get to allocate your time to other parts of your business.

A written project can make or break your business and it can also have an impact on your career as an individual. A poorly written document could scare off a client while a well written one can save you money and give a polished image of yourself and of your business.

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