i know you were

with the other

because your love

tastes like

stale leftovers


a cup of me

here’s a cup of me

the best of me

“three sugars, please,

add some cream”

you spit

you spill

you leave

without a parting sip

Pain has a voice

pain needs a platform

allow it to speak
feel all of it
when it tires
you’ll see
its mission
was to set you free

– Madame Seg


built (1)


nothing left

i gathered pieces of myself

to give to others
and when i returned
to a self i called home
there was
no one to greet me

– Madame Seg



I wanted to write 

To say I love you

But your name 

On my fingers

Felt like a million splinters

I couldn’t lie


Empty Suitcase

‚Äčtoss my tattered clothes

powder and lipstick
an old tangled wig
oft-mended shoes
and cheap perfume
into the suitcase
all in the suitcase

but that’d be all you
a bitter luggage
shoes that ran from you
cheap scent to impress you
the hair you pulled
and a made up face
to hide the stripes of your nails

no, they can stay
you can stay
all of me in this suitcase
all of me without a you