I am a freelance writer and poet from Kagiso, South Africa. I have published a poetry book titled, Poetically Ghetto. In 2013 I won the Best Poet award from the Zabalaza Arts Festival in Cape Town. I provide writing services and I blog about music, books, poetry and fiction.


I have been a book addict from an age that I can’t remember.

I have always found books to be a whole new universe where you are transported to different places and meet all kinds of people and creatures. They are windows into spaces that reach beyond human imagination. Books give you the opportunity to time-travel, from past to future or to simply be and understand and enjoy the present.

I write book reviews and look at different authors.


When I was not reading I was sitting in my father’s room playing records – the golden oldies. It was back when records had an inner cover that had lyrics and even though I didn’t really understand what they really meant I would still sing out loud. Imagine an eight year old busy singing to Barry White’s Practice What You Preach, “Hey babe, your foreplay just blows my mind.” I swear I had no idea what it meant but I just loved that song.

Music is its own unique language. It is poetry delivered on musical notes with the aid of instruments and the rhythm of the artist’s voice. I love the blues, my musical ear was nurtured by those songs and I still sit up in my house and play those same songs that I sang along to when I was kid, at least this time I know what Barry is saying.

I write song and album reviews, about artists and include other genres too.

Books and music – as important to me as water and air.


Creative Writing

I enjoy putting thoughts and emotions to paper. I write short stories and poetry. In 2012 I published a poetry anthology titled Poetically Ghetto and spun some of the poems from the book to make them performance-fitting. I delivered them at the 2013 Zabalaza Arts Festival at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town, and after rounds of competition I won and titled Best Poet in performance poetry category.


Writing Services

There are two main factors I take into consideration when writing for my clients:

-Effective content that focuses on the outcome and gets things done.

-Efficient content that is done in less time but is still effective.

I work with my clients to ensure we both find the purpose of what needs to be written so that the work can be focused on reaching the client’s goal. A business’s writing contributes to its growth and success and my services ensure that I deliver content that will do exactly that.

Services I provide are;

  • Web Content
  • Web Copy
  • Blogs
  • Speeches
  • Essays
  • Ghost Writing
  • Speech Writing
  • Copywriting

Please feel free to contact me to enquire about the rates.




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