Review of Your Writing Coach by Jurgen Wolff (Non-Fiction)


Title: Your Writing Coach: From Concept to Character, from Pitch to Publication

Author: Jurgen Wolff

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Date of Publication: 2012

Edition: 2nd

Number of pages: 279

ISBN: 978-1-85788-577-4


There are a lot of people who shelter their dreams of becoming writers or better writers under layers of fear and a million excuses. Wolff comes in this book armed with all the tools to break down those walls by getting into the nitty-gritty of a writing career. There are countless books on writing but what a lot of people need is this sort of dissection that Wolff uses in his step-by-step guide.

This well-ordered book goes from shredding fears into its different types, to finding your niche through knowledge and experience, and using these to come up with ideas, marketing yourself and finding the motivation to never lose sight of your goals. The advice given can apply to a large audience; the novice, the budding writer, the discouraged and intimidated and even the ones who are already seasoned can still pick up a few tips.

Your Writing Coach presents its strategies and methods in an organised and easy-to-read manner. The arrangement of challenges, followed by tips and guides, real example stories and exercises makes the read practical and intelligible. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding language that burdens you with heavy words and a need to sound too sophisticated or too intelligent while you’re leafing through what’s supposed to make your life easier. Here, Wolff just speaks to you as someone sitting with you in a coffee shop enjoying a cappuccino. However, that doesn’t rob his content of its ability to approach the dirt of writing; he confronts the harsh realities of rejection, the competition in the field, procrastination, not finding time and space and not finding support.

The only thing that he could’ve given more of—although a complete list would require a larger book—is the different niches in writing. There are so many that writers can match their abilities and interests with but in this book the list is quite short. However, even in that shortage of niches he dives into each and every one he lists without holding back, explores them thoroughly and gives a full and clear direction on how to succeed in them. Overall it’s a gift, a great tool for sharpening that writing talent and making a success out of it.

A graduate at Stanford University, Jurgen Wolff is an author and teacher. He has a wealth of experience in this particular focus, as well as nine other books that are dedicated to honing and toning the writing muscle. His knowledge and skill shine in this work and also make him a credible and well-qualified coach.

I would recommend Your Writing Coach to anyone sitting on their dream of writing – students and non-students, anyone of any age and those lost and trying to find their way around the map of writing.



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