My Favourite Lines from Ben Okri’s ‘Songs of Enchantment’


I just put down Songs of Enchantment (reluctantly) and I’m still itching with awe and respect for this man. I recently read the sequel, The Famished Road and found it to be an exquisite read that left me wanting more. I definitely got more with this one and from the first page I felt like I had put the phone down for a few seconds and picked it up again to continue with an uninterrupted conversation. He didn’t overdo recapping The Famished Road and at the same time he didn’t lead me into the dark without me knowing where I was coming from and where I was heading. It’s absolutely gorgeous, his prose is deep and it keeps its audience completely enchanted.

I mentioned in my previous review of The Famished Road that Okri’s work is a gold mine of quotes and meaningful lines that can be adopted as personal mantras, this one is just as wealthy with lines that can stay with you for a very long time or change your perspectives on a whole lot of aspects in life.

Here they are;

  1. “Death is everywhere, listening, waiting to jump on those who believe in his dream.”
  2. “We are all fighting to be born, fighting to have our spirits sit correctly in our bodies.”
  3. “I think we have the WHOLE UNIVERSE inside us when we are joyful and full of life.”
  4. “Madness is maybe too many lives overlapping in a single mind, it is only the mind locked in its own cupboard, with the key lost….The future holds a bold signboard which no one can read because our minds are locked in an old cupboard.”
  5. “Nothing can stop an old wound from breaking out in your brain if the wound hasn’t healed.”
  6. “Nothing creates more controversy than the truth.”
  7. “A dream can be the highest point of a life; action can be its purest manifestation.”
  8. “The freeing of one vision is the freeing of all.”
  9. “To see anew is not enough – we must also create…We must also create our new lives, every day, with will and light and love.”
  10. “Maybe one day we will see that beyond our chaos there could always be a new sunlight, and serenity.”












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